Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 9, 2009

No VOD today because it is an inservice day. But I added a stat counter so we can see how many people come to visit us. And welcome to Michie who is our first follower. The kids will be so excited to see that on Tuesday!

Meanwhile we would like to invite all our visitors to help us with a year long data interpretation project related to our state assessments by giving us your feedback on our video choices. Did you like it, yes or no? And if you are watching our VODs with your whole class, let us know your yea and nay vote totals too.

Also comment if you would like me to post the links for all the choices of the day. I'd be happy to do so, although I'll only embed the winning video (reduced confusion for my kids when we go back and look at previous winners). I think once a month we will also go back and look at all our top picks and vote on the Video of the Month. Or, hmm..., maybe we should do Video of the Week and vote between those to choose VOM. Thinking...thinking...thinking....

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  1. Hi Alicia -

    I'm so happy I could be your first "follower." We also need to do data, statistics, and probability as part of our state standards this year too. I'm very curious how you plan to use this activity to make it year long - sounds like a project we could do too, if you don't mind!

    Today I had my class (which is currently down to one) watch one of the videos from Kate's blog, then the Thanksgiving and Native American one from your blog. My classroom (mostly staff) voted that we liked the Thanksgiving one best.

    How are your kids voting? I'm not sure my students understand "favorite." I showed each video and asked the one student today, "did you like this?" and tried to get a yes/no answer. The only one I got a definite yes from was the Thanksgiving one, so I counted that one as her "vote." This voting thing is a new concept for us, but I think it could be fun.

    Sorry for such a lengthy post - now I'm thinking I need one of these video of the day sites too! :)